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Say Yes To Everything

by The TreeSleepers

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Darker Fate 03:09
I am walking desperate lonely trying to find someone who knows me. I am walking through the black I’m trying to find my way back. I am spinning faster now into this deep and dark confusion. I am searching for an exit from this obvious illusion. I am running all’s at stake and I can feel my muscles ache and I am running through the streets and I feel my hearts every beat and in my throat I feel it pumping soon it will explode in my chest now that I have started running I can never stop to rest. Is today my judgement day what will they say when I stand before him at the gates. Will he grant me absolution or will he cast me out and leave my soul to a darker fate. I can see the world stop turning I look up the sky is burning. All the stars I see are falling I look down and hell is calling. I am staring at the ground beneath my feet it start to crumble. Suddenly there is no sound but for this deep and threatening rumble. As I fall through time and space towards the ground I start to race and I am falling at a rate that my mind can’t contemplate. I am falling faster now into this deep and dark confusion I am searching for an exit from this all too real illusion.
Cold Blooded 03:57
His crime was cold blooded he conspired to end her life. His thoughts were always focused. He knew just where to stick the knife. He wept with all the others cried out and cursed the lord. He swore his life was over how could he go on anymore. He was the one who took it all that day. He was the one who got away. His crime was one of passion he did the deed none the less. He claimed his innocence when it came time to confess. He told a clever story he kept it close to the facts he convinced all the jury why would he do such awful acts.
You can’t buy impulse control. It ain’t on ebay it don’t come in a glass. It ain’t all lined up in neat little rows. You can’t even get an app for that. Did I miss school when they taught it. Where was I when they were handing it out. Always seem to ignore it when I hear my conscience screaming out. Is it the girl is it the generation I just can’t avoid temptation. When I want it I want it now. Once I get it I won’t care how. I should have more common sense than spending money when I can’t pay the rent. Try living like a rolling stone when you’re living back at home. I never learn to say no. The scene always plays the same way. I end up breaking all of my vows and I regret it the very next day. You can’t buy impulse control. It ain’t on ebay it don’t come in a glass. It ain’t all lined up in neat little rows. The doctor won’t give you a pill for that.
Where have you gone you don’t seem to be listening anymore. The fire keeps raging on as this ship sinks to the floor. 1000 souls lost at sea. You have left us out here on our own. You just wanna see what we will do. Are you anything more than a game are you the one we should blame. Where have you gone the cracks are beginning to form the water keeps getting higher as we weather this storm. We’re all trapped in this city. Where have you gone are you ever coming back. Will we always be left out here lonely. Are you ever coming back.
True Fiction 03:52
When the world falls apart at the seams and all people have is their dreams remember that beauty is truth and the truth is ugly. Standing on the tallest highest cliff thinking what would happen if I jumped and missed the ground. I dunno where I would go there’s only one way that I know. Not caring is ignoring convinced that things won’t change not heeding all the warnings you’ve only you to blame and you think your extra clever cuz you always must be right. But you’ve got no one to trust in so you won’t stand up and fight. The world is getting stranger with everything I do and reality’s a fiction where everything is true. And now my brain has lost all function my mind is in a haze the speed of my reactions they have seen far better… Your where inspiration starts when songs are born inside the heart your melody with harmony you bring me back to reality and I’m stumbling home again. The sun is on the rise and everything’s gone blurry except the stars in the skies.
They publish diaries and biographies of every minor celebrity and their mother. And we’re all queuing up in a frenzy to be the first ones to buy a piece of their lives. I don’t really care if you dance in the air if you dance on the ice, if you dance in your underwear. If I had my way I would lock you away on an island routinely used for bomb testing. TV personalities drive me to insanity and live fox news broadcasts cause me to scream. Fast food for the masses, a strict regime of 24 hour news and gossip magazines. Let’s watch together as a man blows his head off in front of our live studio audience and paint every detail of a child who dies tragically we’ll sell so many more if we do it sensationally. This world is so sleazy it’s so fucking seedy. It feels just like we’re living in a peep show. We act like junkies craving our fix of misery and tragedy the death of reality.
Shadows 02:21
You fell off the horse, right back down to earth. Not very gracefully you let the whole world see all that you’d become and what you’d fallen from. Barely a shadow of a shadows former self and now you’re out in the cold left out all alone crying for yourself hoping someone else is crying for you too and that they’re missing you. Sitting by the phone waiting for your call. When you’re flying high way up in the sky is there someone there who understands. And when you’re feeling low no place on earth to go is there someone else who holds your hand. Now you’re feeling sick need one more little prick. Fix you up real well make ya feel just swell. Stop your bones from grinding then muscles start unwinding and then you feel just like your never coming down.
Preacher 03:00
Have you seen my tinfoil hat it protects my brain from alien mind control and government surveillance planes. And I’ve also got this stick I bought it from a witch it protects me from possession and someday it’ll make me rich. I ride around the countryside looking for folks who need a ride I tell them not to get into the ship. No matter what the spacemen say earth is where we have to stay. If you go with them they’ll make you slaves. And you ask me how I know well I’ve got a degree. It’s in astro divination from an online university. I’ve also seen it for myself I was abducted from my bed you might say that I was dreaming but I know it wasn’t all in my head. So everyday I’m in my car I pick up every hitcher that I meet and I warn them of apocalypse cuz it’s my mission to bring truth to the streets. And every night I watch the skies document every space ship that I see. I send my findings to the government but they are rather slow in getting back to me.
Got friends in many places floors to sleep on in 15 countries. I got parties to go to. I got you to come home to. Got cans of apple cider not to mention the rum and the laughter to carry us through till tomorrow even if the rest you’ll have to borrow. I got the photos to prove it. Us at that party getting stupid. I’m up the morning after. Last night we were climbing the rafters. Still time better spent then working in the city just to pay the rent. I’ve got the bruises to prove it. When we went swimming at 2 in the morning. Just before the police arrived we were showing off how we could dive.
We lost Caleb in Mongolia. He was off conquering continents 1000 years ago. Riding side by side with Genghis Khan give a stiff middle finger to the time when things were wrong. The Lord Buffalo is very wise. He told us of towers and castles in the land of fire and ice. Treats us with tales of his travelling life he’s our punk pirate lord from the Blasket Isles. We’ll infect you we’ll upset you we’ll come to get you. And you’ll regret us never forget us and you’ll cry yourself to sleep. And don’t stand too close cause we’re catching and you might get what we’ve got. Antisocial nocturnal and you can’t stop the rot. Master Ruprekt he is the slime. He holds this band together with his oeey icky grime. Came to us from Australian shores but he still can’t teach me to roll my Rssssss. Don’t trust Creepeasys’ mislead guitar he’ll convince you he’s a man of notable talent and charm. He’ll seduce you with his sinistral skills creeping up behind you bending strings to his will. I’m the girl who stole GOOD DEAD ME bought them chips and pizza and got them to play for free. This is where I ran out of lines it was gonna be something about how I never show up on time.
We are delirium seconds from hysteria. We are survivors of our own lives. We quake and shiver living in fear of tricks our mind will play when we go to sleep. We’re all together changed forever. We can’t go back again. Forget forgetting it’s never ending. We can’t go back again. We’re unbelievers our faith’s been shattered. We’re atheists in foxholes taking fire from all sides. Sitting through meetings going through motions we are the living ghosts of people we once were. We are the ones you pass never noticing. We fade into the back of your memory. We are the lifeless eyes staring back at you in the mirror in the morning time. We are delirium seconds from hysteria. We are survivors of our own lives. Those lives in tatters now nothing matters it’s all too real to take in wanna go back to the beginning.


released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



The TreeSleepers Cork, Ireland

The TreeSleepers are a five piece from West Cork, Ireland, playing original funky music to make ya wanna dance

They have been known to lose their drumkit for a cajon and bongo for more intimate, chilled out performances.

Their distinct blend of genres and energetic live shows has been known to leave audiences half naked.
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